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7 Books For Overseas Lesbian Day – Because Love Is Love

7 Books For Overseas Lesbian Day – Because Love Is Love

To commemorate the vacation of love and awareness, we’re sharing a versatile of publications featuring characters that are lesbian the adventures they have to have.

These publications are the fantastically adventurous, to romantically dramatic!

# 1 Perfect Rhythm by Jae

Whenever pop music celebrity Leontyne Blake loses the love in her own love tracks, a unexpected household crisis brings her returning to her small hometown of Missouri. Looking after her father, ill within the medical center, Leontyne is finally in a position to escape the stress associated with the music industry, plus the stress of finding somebody who really loves her for her, rather than her popularity.

Everything changes when she meets her nurse that is father’s Holly Drummond, that is not just unimpressed with Leontyne’s success, it is keen on Leontyne as an individual. Holly is a female not the same as any that Leontyne has ever met, tired of relationships generally speaking, as well as Asexual. Once the relationship between these females develops, they should get the perfect rhythm to find one thing more, a love that both had offered through to in the past.

A read that is great any hopeless intimate!

Number 2 The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley

This sci-fi epic and Hugo Award champion will require you by storm, tossing you into an all-out war, blood-battles and all sorts of, but a lot more than the intense drama of war, this tale is mostly about our heroine’s seek out truth. Continue reading 7 Books For Overseas Lesbian Day – Because Love Is Love